Thursday, December 20, 2012


Juniper is taking a little break from fostering kittens but we are fostering a different baby animal - from afar this time! We hope that you will be as enamored by these adorable orphans as you are with the kittens that we care for! Baby elephants have the most playful and loving nature  - with each other and around older elephants. Their silliness and posturing reminds us of kittens playing alone or with their older foster siblings. Our foster is Quanza who was rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after her mother and two sisters were killed by poachers. See photos and read about Quanza here. 

The need to help elephants survive in the wild is dire. Humans are their biggest threat, due to poaching, but we are also their greatest hope for survival. Here is a petition to Say NO to ivory.

Other favorite organizations dedicated to saving wild elephants are the Big Life Foundation and Save the Elephants

Maybe you will want to foster an elephant too!

photo of Quanza from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

happy holidays & the cats of 2012!

  Happy Holidays! 
Below are the felines we fostered in 2012 through the Seattle Animal Shelter. We are happy they found their true homes!



 Harvey & Earl

Rufus & Martha

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rufus & Martha

Rufus & Martha are ready for their forever home!
These two had a bit of a rough start but luckily they ended up at Seattle Animal Shelter. When I picked them to foster they were barely half a pound each but their siblings were over a pound. They needed a lot of TLC and have come a long way! They really could not be any cuter or sweeter - both have silly streaks and crazy moments but then they settle down for a nap cuddling and spooning with each other.

 baby picture Rufus
baby picture Martha
 favorite pose Rufus
 bunny tail Martha
 shop kitten Martha
  shop kitten Rufus

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ralph was just adopted into what seems like will be the perfect home for him! He has been our longest foster cat to date so it was hard to say goodbye but we are so happy for him. He is a very shy and super sweet guy who became quite comfortable at Juniper but we wanted for Ralph what we'd like for every cat. A forever home! (If for some reason his adoption doesn't stick we will welcome him back & offer him a forever store!) Ralph is missed but we hope that he will get settled into his home & have a very happy kitty life!